More than 40 years ago the village of Masca became famous in tourist business not only because of its unbelievable scenery but more about this old restaurant and its unique food.

When the perfume of fried onions and cornflower is leaving from our kitchen climbing up the hillside any supplementary indications to our hidden “Shangri-La” with its two beautiful terraces pending at the edge of the steep, breathtaking Barranco are superfluous. This is your place to “hang around” in leisure.

The newly rebuilt old schoolhouse which burnt completely down in the fire disaster of 2007 has still the charm of the original Canarian building. Now you may even glance into the double-sized kitchen which meets with the latest hygienic conditions. Traditional Canarian cuisine, combined with highest sanitary standards is reason for the enthusiasm of our regular customers. The completely new lunch-room combines modern architecture with the outlook on its subtropical surroundings.

International media as well as German TV have reported enthusiastically about us.

Late Gordon Jackson wrote into our guest-book in 1989:

“The most beautiful restaurant I have ever visited”