In the northwest corner of the island of Tenerife you will find the breathtaking mountains of Teno which are more than 30 million years old, even much older than the Teide mountains in the middle of our island. Chaotic natural forces have folded up this unique landscape which can only be compared to the Cañons of the Kauwai Island, Hawaii. It took Mother Nature millions of years to finish this piece of natural art.

Here, in a former volcanic crater with its Machu Picchu peek in its centre, hide the small houses of the mysterious village of Masca, clinging to the steep mountainsides. The simple and narrow farmhouses have hardly any windows but separate doors to each of the rooms, which are not connected in the house itself. Even in the Sixties of last century there was no road to Masca. Only small tracks for goats and pedestrians connected the village with the civilisation. In the meantime a small road with endless bends has been built to the towns of Santiage del Teide in the east and Buenavista del Norte in the west. This was only possible because the former mayor of the then independent village of Masca was a companion of General Franco in the Spanish Civil War. That’s why Madrid sent money for the construction of the road.

The village is divided into three quarters on separate glens with one central church and village square. Picturesque and impressing terraces for the growth of potatoes, garlic, cabbage, sweet potatoes and onions catch the visitor’s eyes. Tropical fruit like Yame, oranges, lemons, avocados, grapefruit and Mispero are supplied with the water from the wells of the nearby mountains. In former times the farmers dug tunnels into the mountains in order to reach the hidden water veins. Even today the village owns its own water supply which is being administrated by the “Water-Community”. A public timetable announces the weekly hours and quantities of the water supply for each farm and house.

Since 30 years the population and quantity of goats of the village has been constantly decreasing because the younger generations do not like the hard work on the steep hillsides and they prefer to escape to the towns and civilisation beyond the mountains.

In summer 2007 for the third time Masca was hit by a huge fire completely out of control. Several houses as well as our restaurant burned down. It took us nearly five years to get the permission of the Canarian Government to rebuild the old schoolhouse on our own costs.