This restaurant is the oldest one in Masca. The kitchen-building was the former schoolhouse of the village until a Swiss couple bought it in 1964 in order to open Masca’s very first restaurant. In 1985 a Spaniard opened a new restaurant just in front, stole the name of the original house and annoyed the Swiss until they quit sails, selling the place to us in 1986. We consequently changed the name into “El Guanche – in the Old Schoolhouse”.

We are the König family: Hans (senior and retired since 2008) from Marburg, Germany,

Marlene, fisherman’s daughter from Mindanao, Philippines, mother of Michael László and of daughter Mar-y-Sol (Sea & Sun).  The whole family lived in Masca until 1995. The two children attended elementary school in the village and grew up in paradise. The town hall of Buenavista del Norte, which is administrating Masca, did not give any permission for an extension of the small house, when the children grew up and needed their own space. Consequently, the family moved to live further on in Los Gigantes, where Hans and Marlene live until today. Michael is back to live in Masca, taking care of business with the help of his mother. Daughter Mar-y-Sol is married and lives in Madrid.

In the meantime Hans has finished his first book about the life and experiences of the family during their stay in the village. The title of the book “10 Years of Hell in Paradise” speaks for itself. It is not available in English.

On August 1, in 2007, the restaurant burned completely down when a firestorm crossed half of the island. Politicians promised immediate and non-bureaucratic help for which we keep waiting until today. In the meantime we have rebuilt the old schoolhouse plus new dining-room on our own immense costs. Re-inauguration took place in December 2012.

Since more than forty years our customers have enjoyed the picturesque views and peaceful surrounding that can be enjoyed from Tenerife’s most beautiful terrace. It is away from the hustle and bustle of other tourist attractions in Masca. Our vegetarian biological food includes very ancient recipes from the village. Everything we serve is natural, homemade and is all self-contained, like homemade bread, tapas, fresh soups, maize tortillas with hot chilli sauce, fried cheese on mashed apples, freshly pressed fruits from our garden and a tempting banana-dessert with palm-liqueur.

This is the place where customers become friends. How about you? And please remember:

“Not seen Masca? Then you haven’t seen much!

Haven’t tried “El Guanche”? Then you’ve tried nothing at all!”

We open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (or open end on demand). Close on Sunday. Tel: 0034-922-863027

We have facilities for overnight stays (see following pages).